6 Best Carbs to Build Muscle



It’s true ‘You are what you eat,’ so you better eat big to get big. You want to know the “secret,” on gaining real weight. Well, there is no secret or no magic pill that’s going to put some real mass on your bones.

Just like dieting, gaining weight also need work. It takes discipline, just like training.

Carbs are an important part of your diet. They provide energy, enhance muscle recovery and help you with the bulking process. The right kind of carbs can be used to bulk up and put on massive size during the offseason.

We have compiled this list of 6 great high-carb that you can use to bulk.

1. Breakfast Cereal


We aren’t talking about sugary cereals here, cereals with high or at least 2g of fiber per serving are good because fiber slows digestion, making cereal a good source of longer lasting energy reserves for a tough session in the gym. For additional protein mix one rounded scoop of whey protein and add some milk.

Cereal is a great high-calorie source while at the same time giving you high energy for a hard workout.

2. Pasta


High in carbohydrates, easy to prepare, Pasta is an excellent energy source for the hardgainers. Always choose the healthier whole wheat based derivative you’re guaranteed to get slow burning energy.

Pasta isn’t all carbs, 100 g of whole wheat pasta provides around 15 g of protein as well, a good healthy source of additional protein.

The best part is that it goes well together with some good protein for an overall balanced meal.

3. Bagels, Bran muffins


A good source of carbs and simple to prepare. Bagels can have up to 40 grams of carbs.

A great on the go food that can boost your energy levels right before a workout. For additional benefits, choose whole grains varieties.

4. Mashed Potatoes


Strong insulinogenic carb, high in calories, exactly what a hard gainer is looking for.

When you’re trying to gain, you need fast-acting carbs in your post workout meal, post workout nutrition is just as important as pre-workout and the fast acting carbs will help restore glycogen levels in the body after a workout.

5. White Rice


White rice is a great source of carbs to help you gain mass while staying lean. Two cups of white rice with a handful of raisins, an ideal postworkout combo that helps to resynthesize muscle glycogen.

You can also mix some dried fruits or some starchy vegetables. It’s pretty much the perfect muscle-building side dish.

6. Bananas


Great taste, on the go. This fruit has an enormous amount of carb content that can be transferred directly into energy.

Bananas can boost your energy & endurance so you can push yourself harder in an extended gym session.