Benefits of Psyllium Husk


The Benefits of Psyllium Husk

Weight Loss

Due to its bulking properties, psyllium husk can be a great aid for those seeking to lose weight. Taking it 30 minutes prior to a meal with a full glass of water allows the psyllium to expand, creating a full feeling!

This can help those with bigger appetites to consume less, which can help to instill a healthier relationship with food in the long term. Consuming less food long term will inevitably help your stomach to shrink in size, therefore it will eventually become natural to require less food to reach satiety – in addition to added benefits of lower cholestrol and blood pressure! .

A Great Natural Source of Fibre

Low-carb, high-protein diets often eliminate cereals, whole grains and fruits, meaning that the amount of dietary fibre is greatly reduced. Psyllium husk is an excellent source of fibre, with each teaspoon containing around 4g – it is an easy way to quickly boost your intake if your diet leaves you lacking in this area!

Promotes  Bowel Movements

Although this might not be the hottest topic for discussion, bowel function is essential to avoid problems like constipation (and subsequently haemorrhoids), which can have a huge impact on how we feel on a daily basis! Psyllium husks in your diet can help to ensure that you get enough fibre in order to keep your digestive system healthy. Not only can it relieve problems like diarrhea, but it can also aid chronic illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Control Blood Sugar

Rocketing blood sugar levels can be dangerous for both those with and without diabetes – those without should be cautious not to develop diabetes. Introducing more soluble fibre into your diet can help reduce rises in blood glucose levels – specifically after meal times! How? Even though fibre is known as a dietary carbohydrate, it is not broken down by the body into sugar molecules, unlike other carbs! Instead, it passes through the body, assists the maintenance of satisfactory blood sugar levels and helps to keeps hunger at bay.

Therefore, individuals who do live with diabetes, for example, could gain improved control over their blood sugar levels by increasing the amount of soluble fibre.

How can I get psyllium?

Psyllium is most commonly consumed in powder or wafer form. It is also available in capsules, granules, and in liquid form. It is the main ingredient in many over-the-counter laxatives, including:

  • Metamucil

  • Fiberall

  • Cilium

  • Maalox Daily Fiber Therapy

  • Uni-Laxative

Follow the directions on packaging, and remember that a key component of psyllium’s work in your lower intestine is its ability to soak up liquid, so make sure to drink plenty of water daily.

Written By : Israr Choudhary