What Your Body Types Says About Your Workout Schedule?



Well, it is quite obvious that people who have a good built and the people who are either obese or underweight/undernourished will have different effects of both the diets and exercise over their physique. It is for sure understandable that if we start to feed an obese person a lot many proteins or too much fat to a person who is undernourished, it’ll not do any good but in turn will do a lot of harm to their bodies. This same concept holds true when it comes to working out.

Now you people must be wondering how I came to know about all this. Well, initially I was just like any other person who wants to develop an aesthetic physique and worked out a lot, like 2-3 hours daily and doing and sometimes over doing some sets and reps. I also took some health supplements, made several changes in my diet plan, and even modified some of my eating habits, and I FAILED!


Yes, even after doing all such practices all those efforts went in vain, and I was left with a slight depression and my morale went down. Then one day I met this guy at my gym, and he asked me to read some articles about ‘Body types”, I looked at that guy as if I’m gonna ask him, “are you for real?” is there anything called as a ‘body type.’ Of course, we all are big, fat, thin, and small and all but is there any particular scientific terms given to the type of body we’ve? And whether or not they helps to attain an aesthetic physique? And when I went through the articles I was shocked to see that I was wrong at every point. Be it about my working out the schedule, or my diet chart or the supplements I was using, I was doing it all wrong.


For some working out early in the morning helps a lot as they feel very less energetic in the evening after they come back from their work. For some, the ideal time is in the morning as the machines in the gym are not that much hogged up with people. Well, there is more to it, and that can only be understood after understanding the body types.

So, we must understand about our body types before going forward with performing workouts and changing diets and supplements. Here are the three top classes that will decide about all the above issues: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph.

Here are the details about these body types and what will be their workout schedule depending upon their type.


1. Ectomorph

Frank Zane Ectomorph


Ectomorphs are the people who look very thin, with an appearance of long arms and hands and short joints and shoulders. They also have a light build with lean muscle all over.

General Features:

  • Delicate and small build
  • Flat chest
  • Small and thin shoulders
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Hard gainers
  • Get full easily
  • Difficulty gaining weight

Because of the high rate of metabolism in such persons, it is very hard for them to gain weight and pack some muscles. They must always prefer short and intense workout models with health supplements too. They are supposed to eat before bed so as to prevent muscle catabolism during the night. This will also promote muscle building.

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