Bodybuilders Controversial Off-Season Shape


When you see a picture on the web or in a magazine of your favourite bodybuilder looking big, shredded and just overall with a great developed body you are probably thinking to yourself “damn I wish I was that impressive”. But what you might not know is that he only looks that way a few weeks a year when he is getting ready for a competition or a photoshoot. The remaining weeks many bodybuilders eat more, go into the offseason and gain a lot of weight, don’t get me wrong they still look massive but to be completely honest it’s not an aesthetically pleasing sight.

As a great bodybuilder once said “If you can’t handle me bulking you don’t deserve me when I’m shredded”

Jay Cutler:


The 4x Mr.Olympia looking pretty fat.

Ronnie Coleman:


The 8x Mr.Olympia looking pretty fat.

Johnnie Jackson:


Kai Greene:


Dorian Yates:


Lee Priest:


Dexter Jackson:




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