Flex Lewis Back Has Packs



James “Flex” Lewis is one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world, his passion for bodybuilding started when he came across a book on Tom Platz at the age of 12. Lewis, always wanting to have huge legs he blew away by Platz’s legs, his one of the biggest idols as a teenager was Arnold Schwarzenegger.
At age 15 he started the powerlifting in the gym, and he began seriously training under a local bodybuilder. When he was just 19 entered his first show, winning the Teens Wales, and from there going on to win the British.

Flex Lewis is certainly a genetic freak, Lewis is totally ripped and heavily muscled that there’s no denying that he’s one of the great in the world.


Check out some of the recent photos of the Olympia champion:



Seeing as I am being tagged in this photo everyday… – It be only rude to NOT post this ? thank you to ALL my fans for all the kind words I defiantly brought a different package to Korea. – Massive thanks to Coach @neil_yoda_hill1 who knew that I had to have a few days of refeed before jumping on that flight to Korea and pulling down to them 0 carbs. – When we got there I was back to weighed we wanted, training cardio and we was back on game plan for the look we we wanted. – Sign up for the members section where I be going into depth on what we done. Sign up FREE on www.flexlewis.net #flexLewis#asiaGrandPrix #NewLook #Shredded #Korea #GreatTimes #PressConfence #TheyMirin







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