Gut Health Is Key For Healthy Life


Gut health is important for weight management/Healthy Life:


What if you could enjoy a chocolate bar without taking in all its calories? This isn’t just wishful thinking. It may already be happening, thanks to the trillions of microbes in your digestive system.

Your gut bacteria might affect how hungry you are too. One key microbe appears to be Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that is involved in causing ulcers and stomach cancer. Antibiotic treatments have helped cut H. pylori infection rates in half in recent decades, which is good news for ulcer sufferers but which could be bad news for our waistlines. It turns out that H. pylori also dials back the stomach’s production of the hunger hormone ghrelin. “When you wake up in the morning and you’re hungry, it’s because ghrelin is telling you to eat,” says Martin Blaser, M.D., a professor of medicine and microbiology at New York University and the author of the book Missing Microbes. “When you eat breakfast, your level of ghrelin usually goes down, but if you don’t have Helicobacter in your system, it doesn’t.” The end result: You could eat more.

Gut connection with health


If your body have proper acid flow and balanced bacteria intestines and stomach then it can utilize food properly and prevent illness,but if there is imbalance of good bacteria which are probiotics then you are own risk of some serious diseases like sibo,candida,ibs,diabetes,h.pylori,constipation,diarrhea etc.

Why probiotics are important

Because they are bodies natural guards ,they guard human digestive track from bad bugs and from infections.our human body have more good bacteria then its own body cells.

When whey protein did not  work


Important point is when you buy expensive whey and use it ,after using it you did not notice any change in body i.e gain or loss this case you waste your time and also money ,Why this happen? because your gut health is not so good, you are not digesting your whey well or nor absorbing.

All supplements are passing your gut without digested and being absorbed.This happens when your body is deficient in probiotics and digestive enzymes that are responsible of digesting food and absorbing it to small intestine.

Support for proper absorption of food

Digestive enzymes

Look for board spectrum formula which have all of these amylase to breakdown carbs ,lipase to breakdown fats,protease for breakdown of proteins .

Some good brands are Digest gold , doctor’s best best enzyme etc


These little guys help your immune system to feel stronger and fight against bad bugs

Also they help your body to digest fiber and food,Good bacteria also help our body to fight all kind of sickness.

When buying probiotic supplement make sure to buy which have multi strains in it also who have higher potency or atleast 20 billion cfu .

Look for fos when buying probiotics because they are prebiotics food of probiotics.

Good brands are ultimate critical flora ,Gnc Multi strain probiotic,vsl 3.

Fish oil

The omega 3 power of fish oil helps body to decrease its imflammation ,it also helps heart to work properly.

Slippery elm

It’s a herb used to treat ulcers and other digestive problems.It soothes the whole digestive track and also have important nutrients in it.

Natural ways to support Gut health

Pineapple and papaya

These two fruits are natural digestive enzymes .

Take 4 to 5 slices of one of them before ypu eat your meal and they help your pancrease .


Yogurt is natural probiotic because it contain more lactobacillus bacteria in it which is beneficial

for whole digestive system also its little acidic because of latic acid.

Take 1 cup per day.

Apple cider vinegar

Because it is acidic in nature it helps with low stomach acid problems.

Written By : Israr Choudhary


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