How To Gain Mass/Weight




For those who are looking to gain some muscle, following the proper eating program .

If you are wanting to gain weight and muscle naturally, here are the top tips on how to build muscle fast.

Top foods for fast muscle growth

Eggwhole- whole egg contains vital nutrients, protein and fats to help build muscle.


Broccoli-can help with fat loss and have essential nutrients for building muscle.


Fish – help reduce inflammation and are critical for muscle building.



 Lean protein- 5-8 ounces per meal .



Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes  and yams are an excellent source of carbohydrates that are alkaline and gluten.They can give you some serious gain in weight.


Foods to Avoid


Hydrogenated oils


Wheat products

Top Supplements for muscles:

BCCA’S-These are amino acids required for fast building muscle.

 Whey Protein-Helps increase protein intake and is rapidly absorbed by the body so it’s a perfect protein right before or after a workout.

L-glutamine-These are non essential amino acids that heal your whole gut as well as they protect your body from damage and also prevent muscle breakdown.

Creatine Monohydrate-Helps increase muscle strength so you can train harder. Be aware that consuming more than 1–3 grams daily may be hard on kidneys.

L-Glutamine-Helps increase muscle life and also prevent muscle damaged ,Also a great source for intestinal repair .


Exercise Tip
If you are trying to gain muscle, doing heavy weight training of 6–12 reps, five days a week for 45–75 minutes is ideal. Also, limit traditional cardio and when you do cardio, opt for burst training instead.

Written By : Israr Choudhary


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