Exercise #1: 2 Arm Dumbbell Row (supinated grip)

This exercise builds a great back. Bodybuilders crave that detail in the lats as well as that V-Taper. Rowing exercises are a very popular way to achieve that this, and there are machines in every gym that simulate this movement. Jay puts a twist on this by using an incline bench to brace his chest. This prevents cheating and forces you to really squeeze and contract your back. Another tip from Jay is to turn or supinate your wrists as you pull the dumbbells up in order to really engage the muscles in the back.

Exercise #2: Leg Press

For those willing to put in the hard work, training legs can be truly rewarding. For Jay Cutler the reward was four Mr. Olympia Titles, three Arnold Classic titles, and a host of other victories. Cutler’s quads have become his signature body part with size and conditioning light years ahead of his competitors. There is no doubt that great legs are built on a squat rack, but as Cutler matured he came to rely on the leg press as his staple leg movement. Leveraging a deep range of motion for a full contraction on the quads is key. Also remember not to lock-out the knees at the top of the movement in order to keep tension on the muscles.

Exercise #3: Side Lateral Raises

Big Delts are the key to making you look wide and huge, and there is no better way to build them than side laterals. One thing Cutler will tell you is this exercise is more than just swinging a pair of dumbbells around. In fact the swinging negates a lot of the movement, and for this reason Jay recommends sitting (standing allows people’s natural body movement to influence the lift). Make sure to keep the palms of hands facing the ground as you raise the weight. This forces the tension into the shoulder muscle, exactly where you want it to stimulate growth.

Exercise #4: Rear Delt Fly

The rear delt fly is an exercise that should be a part of anyone’s weight training routine. This movement can be done with dumbbells, but Jay recommends using a machine, because it allows you to squeeze your rear delts. Make sure to hold the weight at full extension for a pause to recruit the most muscle fibers and build the most strength.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Pullover

The dumbbell pullover is one of those exercises many in the gym simply forget about. Regular bench press and dumbbell press are great for throwing weights around, but Jay will tell you that you need to stretch your chest in order to force the tissue to grow. Dumbbell pullovers allow for a great growth stimulating stretch but is also maximizes the pump provided by the exercise to force blood into the pecs at the end of the workout.

Exercise #6: Tricep Pushdown

Tricep Pushdowns, with the rope, are the lead off exercise on Cutler’s arm training. Jay sees these as a great way to warm up the elbows and get the blood flowing into the tris for growth and size. One unique adaptation Jay has adopted over the years, he does these kneeling rather than standing. This puts all the work (and reward) into the tris. An extra squeeze at the bottom drives that detail into the muscle.