L-Glutamine At a Glance

  • An essential amino acid needed by your body in large amounts

  • Promotes digestive and brain health, muscle growth, athletic performance, and more

  • Fights cancer and high blood sugar

  • Found in both animal proteins and plant proteins

  • Available in supplement form (see below for dosage instructions)

10 Proven L-Glutamine Benefits

New research is now showing that L-glutamine benefits the body in the following ways:

  1. Improves gastrointestinal health because it is a vital nutrient for the intestines to rebuild and repair (1)

  2. Helps heal ulcers and leaky gut by acting as a Band-Aid for protection from further damage (2)

  3. Is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain and helps with memory, focus and concentration (3)

  4. Improves IBS and diarrhea by balancing mucus production, which results in healthy bowel movements (4)

  5. Promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting (5)

  6. Improves athletic performance and recovery from endurance exercise (6)

  7. Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification (7)

  8. Curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol (8)

  9. Fights cancer (9)

  10. Improves diabetes and blood sugar (10)

L-Glutamine Benefits Bodybuilding

Whether your goal is to increase athletic performance, boost metabolism, improve recovery or even build muscle, research shows that L-glutamine is a must-have supplement.

During an intense workout, your body becomes stressed and your muscles and tendons require more glutamine than the amount supplied by a normal diet.

So, after an intense workout the levels of cellular glutamine can drop by 50 percent and plasma levels by 30 percent! This muscle-wasting state is a gateway for the body to use your muscle for energy rather than carbohydrates. But glutamine can prevent this from happening. (15)

Supplementing with L-glutamine allows your muscles to fight and push a bit further, which boosts your strength and helps repair your skeletal muscles.

A study found that L-glutamine supplementation makes it possible to recover quicker from intense weight training sessions because it improves muscle hydration. (16) This aids the muscle recovery process and reduces recovery time for wounds and burns. (17)

Replenishing glutamine levels after an intense session could take up to five days, so it is important to take it on a regular basis if you are doing intense exercise.

How Much to Use

Typically, the best dosage is between 2 to 5 grams twice daily, and up to 10 grams daily for serious power athletes. Although the effects of excess glutamine rarely cause problems, if you are taking L-glutamine long-term, it’s a good idea to also supplement with B vitamins. This especially applies to vitamin B12, which controls glutamine buildup in the body.

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