Muscles With Fish


 Fish is lean!!

When you’’re dieting to shed bodyfat, you have to balance different objectives and cutting total calories, reducing fats and carbs, and simultaneously increasing protein consumption. Rely on lean fish as a staple of your diet because it meets all these objectives. Fish is also a great food to turn to during a diet when weight loss slows. Before cutting back further on carb consumption when you hit a plateau, try replacing much of your dietary protein which naturally contains fat with lean types of fish. Lean fish has less fat than most lean cuts of meat. You’ll be able to take in the same amount of protein, yet consume fewer calories. This will allow you to keep carbs at a relatively moderate intake level and you won’t feel too depleted. Switching to fish in the middle of a diet can help delay the necessity of lowering your carb consumption.

Other Benefits Of Eating Fish Are:

Low In Fat:

As you can see from above, pretty much all types of fish, with the exception of salmon and mackerel are virtually fat free. This makes fish one of the best foods for individuals who are preparing for a contest.

Low In Calories:

Again from the description above, fish is very low in calories meaning you can allow room in your diet for other foods that add bulk. For example, since fish is carb-free (most varieties) you may be able to add a small side of brown rice or a small yam to your meal to make up for this difference.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Great source of Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon and mackerel varieties). The benefit of these are that they:

  • Keep your heart healthy by lowering triglycerides and reduce the risk of sudden death.

  • Help promote healthy brain function.

  • Are particularly good for pregnant women since they aid in the eye and brain development of the fetus.

GO FISH: To get ripped, include the following types of seafood in your diet: sole, tuna, flounder, haddock, scallops, shrimp and crab. These are all extremely low in fat and high in protein.

Fish Calories Protein Carbs Fat Cholesterol Sodium Fiber
Cod Fish 23 5.1g 0g .2g 10g 20mg 0g
Flounder 26 5.3g 0g .3g 14g 23mg 0g
Halibut 31 5.9g 0g .6g 9g 15mg 0g
Mackerel 58 5.3g 0g 3.9g 20g 26mg 0g
Red Snapper 28 5.8g 0g .4g 10g 18mg 0g
Salmon, Atlantic 40 5.6g 0g 1.8g 16g 113mg 0g
Swordfish 34 5.6g 0g 1.1g 11g 11mg 0g
Trout 42 5.9g 0g 1.9g 16g 15mg 0g
Tuna, Bluefin 41 6.6g 0g 1.4g 11g 11mg 0g
Tuna, Yellowfin 31 6.6g 0g .3g 13g 10mg 0g

Written By : Israr Choudhary