Generation Iron Keeps STEALING My Videos

Nick’s Strength and Power : “Generation Iron has been taking and reposting my videos without my permission to gain views for their website, and they haven’t given me ANY credit at all

I appreciate all you guys supporting me and agreeing that this was fucked up. I’m not going to sue them or anything crazy like that. I don’t care about the money or the views. My issue is that they NEVER gave me any credit EXCEPT when they wanted to misrepresent one of my videos and invent an imaginary beef between me and Flex Wheeler. I wouldn’t care if they shared my videos, gave me credit for creating them, and didn’t try to put negative spins on my videos. Lots of other websites share my videos and I don’t mind because they give me credit. In fact I like when websites repost my videos and DON’T misrepresent my content. I’ve had my content posted on WWE websites, MAXIM,, Reddit, and several other large sites. The point of this video is just to clarify:

1. I don’t work for them, they don’t pay me.

2. They’ve never asked me for permission or contacted me at all.

3.They don’t give me credit for creating the content.

4. They have re-posted some videos in a way that misrepresents me/ the video itself. So take what they say with a grain of salt.

5. Again, I’m NOT looking to sue anybody. I don’t want money, just due credit.

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