The Rock and Seven Bucks Productions announce Olympia’s new home on TV.

The Rock has just announced that the Mr. Olympia will once again come back to television! That’s right, after over 30 years, the Mr. Olympia competition and bodybuilding will be finally back on TV in homes across the world. No more streaming (unless you want to – I mean, come on it’s way easier and cheaper than cable). No more waiting around online to hear results because your internet is too slow for the streaming. Now you can watch it on TV. You can show your friends who don’t get bodybuilding why it’s so amazing. You can see bodybuilders in wonderful 4k HD on massive TV screens.

Bodybuilding is on it’s way back to the mainstream. More information to come soon. But until then let’s enjoy this moment and the rest of the Mr. Olympia competition. Stay pumped.

LatestThe Rock’s Seven Bucks Production Announces 2017 Olympia ‘Takeover’



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