WATCH: Chul Soon’s Shockingly Unusual Posing Routine


How far should posing go?

Some call this Korean Bodybuilding sensation – “The Human Ken Doll.” Perhaps due to his “plastic-like” look. But Chul Soon also has some insane moves when it comes ot his posing routine.

All too often posing is overlooked in modern bodybuilding – particularly in the IFBB. Certain competitions look to change that. Namely the Arnold Classic competitions which have recently implemented scoring the posing routine as well. So when a truly interesting posing routine goes viral – it certainly turns heads. The big question is – when the posing routines get this elaborate and unique… does it take away from the purity of the sport or does it bring much needed excitement to a sport that is often labeled as being to repetitive? We’ll let you be the judge. Check out Chul Soon’s interesting routine at Muscle Mania above.