Why Junk Food Is Bad



Now a days junk food is so in our markets that when ever someone feel hungry they pick the phone and order some nasty junk food or fast food ,just because its fast delivery and also less effort to get something too eat.

Junk food is totally crap because its low in natural enzymes almost zero in digestive enzymes ,high in gluten(protein found in wheat products),high in bad fats etc.

Damage to your body

Firstly it gives you bad burps after that when the food reaches your intestines it will start damaging your gut lining because of bad fats in it ,gluten in it etc after passage of time the gut lining become too thin that it allows the big food particles to pass out and enters the blood stream,which is bad very very bad for bodies health.

Heart and Digestive  problems


Bad fats like hydrogenated oils cause some serious infections in intestines and also they effect your liver and gallbladder then they attack your heart by taking control on cholesterol.

pancreatic Problems

When we eat junk food our body has to work more i.e our body put pressure on pancreas to make more and more enzymes liquid ,In this case pancreas overheated and gets inflamed

Problems after eating junk food

-Digestion ups/downs

-Liver problems

-Gallbladder issues

-Heart Attacks

-Intestinal infections

-Skin problems

-Acid reflux

Even IBS

Choice is yours 🙂


Written By : Israr Choudhary